Introducing PPS(Polyphenylene Sulfide) Masterbatches

Muil Chemical added PPS mastebatches to its Product List.

PPS is super engineering plastic polymerized with Benzene and Sulphur patented by Edmond and Hill at Phillips Petroleum, USA in 1963.

Muil  Chemical uses eco-friendly PPS made from Benzene and Sulphur with no Chlorine as carrier resin.  These products have flame retardation, excellent solvent resistance, and dimensional stability as they use semi crystal, Halogen free resin.

CB3691 and CB3693 are Polyphenylene Sulfide carrier masterbatches with 30% carbon black. They have nice dispersion and colors for recipe developments. They are free of gasification, and degradation of material properties as we don’t use lubricants when we make them. Using our masterbatch products, customers are able to greatly improve PPS processing environments.